Two year anniversary

Apparently, according to a little notification I just received, this is my two year anniversary with WordPress.  It doesn’t feel like it, perhaps because I took a multi-month hiatus from writing.

In the two years since I started this blog, Wildling has grown and matured, and is becoming an amazing person (but still retains all the characteristics that led to me nicknaming her Wildling).

Mellow has gone from a calm mild-mannered baby into an extraordinarily sweet and kind mild-mannered child (with an occasional dramatic meltdown).

Will hasn’t changed a bit, though his hair and beard length fluctuates depending on his mood and which guard he puts on his electric shaver.

And me? Two years ago I started blogging because I wanted to do something for myself. I was overwhelmed with taking care of everybody else, and balancing a part-time job and  not sleeping and never having a moment free.  I started by pledging to write five minutes a day, as a way to ground myself and force myself to think.  Since then I’ve given up my job and transitioned to stay-at-home parenting, partly to save my sanity, partly because of health problems (hello, vitamin D deficiency),  and partly to make life easier for the rest of my family. It’s working out. I’m happier now.

So cheers. Happy anniversary, WordPress.  Sorry I didn’t get you a present.  Maybe next year.


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