A brief update

A transcript of an actual conversation that summarizes our lives lately:

<leaving a store>

Me: Since we bought two items, we now have to donate six things when we get home.

Will: That sounds good.  I’m going to start with your stuff.

Me: And I’m going to start with your combat boots.

Will: Then I won’t have anything to wear to work.

Me: Well, you’ll just have to go barefoot.

Will: No, I’ll just quit my job.

Wildling: <horrified> You can’t do that Papa! You need to work so we can pay for our house!

Will: That’s ok, Mama can get a job.

Wildling: NO SHE CAN’T! Mama likes to sleep in!

Life updates: We’ve been working on decluttering, Wildling doesn’t understand when we’re joking, and I like to sleep in.

Mellow, who was left out of the conversation transcript due to non-participation, is focused on potty training and proudly announcing Poop! and Pee! whenever she needs to go.


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