Not Waldorf Enough

I am getting much better at smiling and pretending the people I’m having conversations with aren’t ridiculous and stupid.

Last night at a party, I was subjected to a diatribe against parents at a Waldorf school who were not ‘Waldorf enough’ for the mom that I was talking to.  She was extremely wound up and angry that another parent from her son’s Waldorf preschool had the nerve to offer her son a lollipop after school.  That’s right, that bastard offered her child a lollipop.  Can you believe it?  Here she thought she was sending her child to a school where everyone has the same values, but a lollipop is made out of sugar and her son hadn’t even had his lunch yet!!!!  And the parent offering the lollipop was a doctor! A doctor who apparently thinks it is appropriate for young children to have candy before lunch!* What is this world coming to?

And some of the parents at the Waldorf school let their children watch television!  And some of the parents just use it like a daycare rather than a preschool.  I guess they just go there because they can afford it, not because they have the Waldorf values (and that’s a direct quote!).

I think tomorrow when I drop off Wildling, I’m going to be on the lookout for parents who aren’t ‘Montessori enough’ for her school, using an arbitrary classification system that I will have to make up.

*I will take back any eye-rolling and criticism of this other mother if I find out that the lollipop in question was the size of a child’s head and the doctor was handing them out daily with a business card attached advertising his/her medical specialty in the field of Pediatric Type II Diabetes


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