On the importance of logging out of your blog editor

Hello! This is Will. My wife loves writing this blog, and I love reading it. Mostly I laugh, because she’s hilarious… she has a wonderfully ascerbic, wry sense of humor. It was one of the first things that attracted me to her, in fact. Sometimes I cry, because she is also keenly observant and writes about tiny, wonderful, tender, heart-wrenching little details that I am ashamed to have missed.

I also love learning more about her. Yes, we’ve been married for a bit, but there are facets of her that I continue to discover, much to my delight. I’m not going to extol her many virtues here, as anyone could figure a number of those out by reading the blog. Likewise, I’ll not go into her few flaws… they’re really just strengths gone a bit over-board, which is another thing I find fascinating about her.

I will note that the fact that her many strengths and few flaws are near-perfect complements to mine are what makes us such a good pair. OK, given her aforementioned arsenal of awesomeness, that makes me sound a bit under-armed, and I’m OK with that perception: I am often in awe of her, so that literally means she is awesome.

The point of my post, however, is to emphasize that unless you want your loved ones writing fantastically complimentary (but true) things on your blog about you, you should really log out.

Oh, and happy anniversary! I love you!


3 thoughts on “On the importance of logging out of your blog editor

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