Progression of Illness

Here’s how illness works in my household;

1. Wildling gets sick.

2. Mellow gets sick.  Both kids are sick at the same time.

3.  Will gets sick, Mellow gets better.

4. Wildling gets better (but keeps coughing for weeks).

5. Will gets better (but still complains a lot and maintains a cough for a few more weeks).

6. I get sick.

Here’s the problem with that: When everyone else is sick, I take care of them.  When everyone else is better, Will goes to work and I’m stuck with one or two healthy kids (depending if it is one of Wildling’s school days), and all I want to do is crawl into bed and sleep (alone!) and maybe feel sorry for myself and watch trashy movies.  And I can’t do that while taking care of healthy active children.

We’re on Step 2 right now.  I anticipate Will being struck down tomorrow afternoon at the latest. I’m already drinking lots of warm vitamin-C based beverages and hoping for the best.  The only consolation I have is that my immune system (which I passed on to Mellow but not Wildling) is strong, and a cold that wipes Will out for a week will be defeated in a couple of days by my white blood cells.


2 thoughts on “Progression of Illness

  1. Oh, you did not read the fine print either! There are no more sick days in your life! You are done! No resting and so on! It’s what you signed up for… Ah, just kidding! I still hope, I will get them back one day 😉 hope you feel better soon!

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