Wildling’s Diary

If Wildling were writing a diary entry about today, this is what she would say:

Dear Diary

I had the best day ever!  Since I didn’t have school today, I got up extra extra early so I could play even more.  Then my mama was so tired that she let me have a cookie before breakfast! It was awesome!  I played a game with my sister, and I ran into her so hard she flew all the way into the air before she crashed into the closet door, and then she landed on the tile, and she didn’t even cry that much.  I never made her fly in the air before. I’m going to have to practice so I can do it again. Mama says we have to practice if we want to be good at things.

I invented a new game. It’s called haunted house. We all go in the hallway and close all the doors and turn off the lights. Then we say ‘Boo!’ to each other.  It was so fun! We played for a really long time.  I could have played for a million years, but mama said we had to stop and do something else instead.  I think she was scared of the haunted house. I’m a pretty good ghost.

I had scrambled eggs for lunch, and I helped cook, and I only spilled a little bit on the burner.  I made eggs at Grandma’s house once, so I already knew how to do it.  I didn’t eat it all, because I get tired of eating so many bites of the same food.  I left the rest in case I want it later.  But I probably won’t.

I tried to keep Mellow from napping, and it worked! I kept her up a whole extra hour! Next time, I’m going to keep her up all day!  And then mama promised me more cookies if I would stop making so much noise, so when Mellow fell asleep, I ate two more cookies! And then two more after that because my mama wanted to share with me.  I’m so lucky!

I wanted to play on the ipad and mama wouldn’t let me, so I screamed at her for a really long time and she made me go to my room.  Maybe I wasn’t screaming loud enough? I sure tried when I was in my room.  I’ll have to try again later.

I think I wore every outfit today, so my mama needs to do laundry.  I tried on a bunch of stuff and then put it in the hamper for her.

I’m going to see how late I can stay up tonight.  I’ve been practicing taking an hour to eat my dinner, and it’s been going pretty well, so I’ll do that again tonight.  If I eat. I haven’t decided yet if I want to eat or if I want to just kind of smush my food around and then demand different food that I also won’t eat.  I’ll update about that tomorrow.

What a great day!

Love Wildling.


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