Vocabulary Lessons are Genetic

There’s this thing Will does that’s kind of annoying: he sometimes mumbles when he talks. That’s really not so bad, except when I ask him what he just said, and he doesn’t seem to realize he mumbled, so instead he assumes I’m some kind of idiot and he needs to explain basic vocabulary.

Example for clarification purposes:

Will: There’s something wrong with the A/C in the mumble mumble.
Me: The what?
Will: (in a tone implying that he’s never met anyone so stupid) That’s the kind of car we have. Subaru is the brand. So I’m talking about the Subaru Outback – you know, the car? That you drive? It’s called a Subaru Outback? There’s something wrong with the A/C.
Me: I know Subaru is a brand asshole, I know what our car is, I just didn’t hear you!

This happens frequently, and Will feels the need to lecture me on the definitions of the words he uses rather than just repeating them in a coherent manner.

And it turns out, this annoying quirk might be genetic.

True story:

Wildling: I frightened Mellow!
Me: You what? (meaning, what, why did you do that?)
Wildling: (in an annoyed and explanatory tone) It means I made her scared. I frightened her.

See? It’s genetic. Wildling got his face and his brain.


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