My Blogging 101 intro

I’ve signed up for another online writing course, hoping to get more inspiration and practice. It starts today, so those of you who have read my blog before may want to skip this post, as I introduce myself and my blog to my online classmates.

My pseudonym is Melinda, and I mostly write about my kids. Why? Because right now they are most of what occupies my time and my mind. Wildling turns four soon, and she is a handful. She’s a wonderful, amazing, gifted child, but with a sensitive disposition and startling emotional fragility, plus she has an energy level roughly equivalent to a roomful of caffeinated kindergartners. My baby Mellow came about her blog nickname honestly. She is calm (until Wildling tries to take something away, then she screeches in much the same way I imagine a baby pterodactyl would have screeched when under attack), and she is quiet and fast and an excellent climber with no sense of self-preservation.

I write because it gives me a creative outlet. I initially started this blog with the intention of using it as a bit of a brain purge, with a goal of writing a minimum of five minutes a day. That worked for awhile, and I think it helped me mentally. But I’ve slowed down on my posting, partly because in an attempt to get enough sleep I’ve stopped using all electronics devices after 10:00pm, and there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I find that when I do write more, I get more other things done as well. Maybe having a bit of an outlet here gives me more focus in other areas as well.

I write publicly rather than in a private journal because, quite frankly, I’m lonely and I like the interaction with strangers. I’ve got my husband to talk to, but I’m self-employed so I don’t have co-workers and, as a part-time stay at home mom, I find that most of my interactions with others are trivial and unsatisfying. As an example, I took Mellow to a playgroup at the library today. I do have a couple of women I chat with there, but the sum total of the rest of my social interactions go like this:

Person: Oh, your baby is so cute. How old is she?
Me: She just turned one. How old is your baby?
Person: S/he is XXX months.
Me: Oh, s/he is so big/cute/smiley/whatever.

Sometimes there’s a variation, because someone asks a question like “Does she sleep through the night?” or “How many teeth does she have?” and there’s a minor conversation about those pressing issues.

I don’t write about work here, because I’m an attorney and my work is confidential. I occasionally talk about other things, like my hobbies (knitting, crocheting, other crafts), my eating habits (we follow a semi-confusing plant based vegan-at-home otherwise flexitarian diet), things from my childhood, and sometimes just my personal reflections on an issue. Basically, whatever I feel like writing.

If you’re interested in reading more, here are some examples of previous posts that I think represent this blog: Mellow’s Magic Super Powers, Toddler translation errors, Forty-Five minutes of life with Wildling, First Steps, We’re rich in every way that matters (it’s not about money).


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