Electronics Reduction (attempt four thousand)

We’re trying something new: reducing our dependency on technology. I know that seems strange to say, since I’m (obviously) using technology to write this. What we’re actually doing is imposing a curfew: no electronics use after 10:00pm. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve tried this kind of thing before. I even went a month without using the internet for anything other than email and work. It was kind of hellish. This time, though, I think I can stick with it – I’m just having to learn better time management skills so I can finish what I need (want) to do early enough.

It’s had a big impact on me. I haven’t been posting here very much, because if you look at most of my past posts, they were written around midnight. I haven’t had time to do other things I want to do either, like read my usual contingent of blogs, learn how to make my own conditioner, obsessively Zillow check my neighbors houses, browse Ravelry, and investigate new investment options. But that’s good. I spend too much time staring at a screen and need to cut back.

We’re also eliminating our Netflix subscription. We don’t have cable or satellite or any way of bringing television stations into our home, so we just watch stuff on Netflix and the free version of Hulu. When I found myself aimlessly browsing through the Netflix menu just looking for anything that might catch my interest and settling on some really unnecessary crap show, I realized we just needed to stop. We don’t need it. We aren’t big movie/tv people, and we always complain about not having enough time to do the things we want to do, so there was an obvious solution to the time problem. I was pleasantly surprised that Will agreed with me. That’s not to say we’ll never watch anything. There’s a new season of Project Runway and we watch it online every Friday night. That’s not going to stop. And if Will thinks it’s going to stop, I will let him live with that mistaken belief while I watch Project Runway in my office.

Since stopping mindless tv watching and signing off the computer at 10:00, our house has magically become cleaner and more organized. It feels less chaotic, and even Wildling has noticed the difference. She’s responded by always putting her clothes away, which, for a child who changes outfits entirely at least five times a day, is a lot of work (lots of swimsuits, leotards, and tutus involved in her daily wardrobe).


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