Mellow’s Magic Super Powers

My daughter Mellow has magical powers.  I know everyone wants to think that their kids are super special and everyone exaggerates a bit, but in this case, it’s all true: Mellow is magic.  She has the power, with the merest touch of her hands, to render any object, no matter how dull or mundane, into the Super-Precious-Most-Desirous-Thing-Ever! 

This power has been demonstrated thousands of times, with everything from toys to clothing to garbage. For example:

The other day, Grandma left a water bottle here.  It was ignored (except for me thinking I should pick it up and put it in the recycle bin) for several hours – until Mellow touched it.  She lifted it up with both hands and immediately that water bottle was transformed into the Greatest!Water!Bottle!Ever!!! That’s why Wildling experienced an overpowering need to have that very water bottle at that exact moment.  She couldn’t help herself and had to take it, it was just too powerful for a toddler to resist.

Unfortunately, there is a finite limit to Mellow’s powers.  It wears off within minutes.  Here’s how that works:

Step 1: Mellow picks up object

Step 2: Object becomes the Most Wondrous Thing in the Universe

Step 3: Wildling announces “I want that!”

Step 4: Wildling snatches object from Mellow’s hands and begins playing with it.

Step 5: Mellow cries.

Step 6: Power fades. Object becomes ordinary again.

Step 7: Wildling drops object.

Hmmmm…looking at this, I now suspect Mellow has an additional power.  Perhaps she uses her tears to telekinetically convert an object she is not touching back into it’s normal state of being. That explains why it wears off so quickly. I’ll have to study this further.  Fortunately, Mellow’s powers show no sign of waning.  She uses them repeatedly every day, and as she grows and can reach more things, her powers only seem to get stronger.




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