Party planning

When I go to parties, I sometimes (often) end up cornered by someone who thinks I should give them free legal advice, because obviously since we happen to be at the same party, we must be friends and I should go ahead and ethically embroil myself in whatever legal crisis they happen to be having (as if all lawyers are interchangeable and know everything about every aspect of the law: FYI, we don’t and anyone who claims otherwise is an egotistical liar). 

So imagine my relief today at a party for one of Will’s co-workers.  I did get asked for advice, I was questioned extensively for my expertise, but this time it was on something I wanted to talk about: the appropriate food to serve at a rainbow themed child’s birthday party.  Wildling’s second birthday was a rainbow themed extravaganza that was so overwhelmingly rainbow-riffic that people still talk about it in a mixture of awe and horror.  How many rainbows can you fit into a backyard? One million, if I’m the party planner.

I love planning parties.  I’d rather plan and organize a party than just attend one.  In another life, maybe I should have been a party planner.  Maybe I’ll do that someday.  Maybe that will be my retirement job.  Wildling’s first birthday was an insane butterfly themed barbecue with activities, amazing food, and three flavors of cake.  Her second party, the aforementioned rainbow fest involved five cakes and several rainbows of other foods.  Her third birthday wasn’t as awesome, and wasn’t nearly as fun to plan: she reached the age when you start inviting a bunch of little kids rather than just using the party as an excuse to have all your grown-up friends and family over.  Still, there were three cakes.

Mellow’s first birthday is coming up, and I’m already planning the madness.  It will have a bird theme, mainly because it is brunch and ostrich eggs will be involved (along with signature cocktails, which are mandatory for my parties).  

I know my kids won’t remember these early birthday parties, but I don’t care.  I’m selfish, it’s about me.  It’s about me having an excuse to throw a theme party and invite friends over and cook a bunch of food and have fun, and as the party planner, I get to make Will clean up afterwards, so that works out for me too. 


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