Parenting Tip: Finding Lost Objects

One of my special superpowers (I have several) is my ability to find missing objects.  I almost always know the exact location of every item in my house.  Will can sometimes be pretty dependent on me.  He’s always asking “Where is such-and-such item,” and I can practically give him the GPS coordinates.    Where is Wildling’s other black shoe?  It’s under her dresser with a monkey stuffed in it.  Where is Mellow’s water bottle? It’s exactly where her big sister put it – on the right side of the second shelf in the pantry, behind the freeze dried blueberries.  Things always end up in strange places, and somehow, I can keep track of them all.

However, there was once a time when my superpower failed me.  My debit card was missing, and I just could not find it anywhere.  I knew it was somewhere in the house, and I knew it was within three feet of the floor, but that was all I knew.  See, it had gone missing after Wildling (about fifteen months old at the time) got her little hands on my wallet.  I was on the phone and couldn’t stop her, and I foolishly did not see the harm in letting her dump everything on the floor.  But somehow she wandered off with the debit card without my noticing.

I looked for it all day.  I even did the smart thing and went around on my knees so that I was seeing things from Wildling’s level.  I kept asking her where she put it, and even though she was able to say a surprising amount of words for her age, none of them were “I’m sorry Mama, it’s right here.”

Fortunately, after about eight hours of looking and nearly giving up, I hit upon a brilliant idea: I handed Wildling my credit card and told her to put it away.  Problem solved.  She stared at the card for a minute, looked at me, and then walked straight over to where she had slid my debit card in the space between her plastic high chair and the wooden chair it was strapped to.



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