In general, Will and I communicate very well with each other. Most of the time, I can predict exactly what he is going to say and what lame joke he’s about to make.  We talk about everything.

But there is one area in which our communication is lacking: bedtime.  And I don’t mean that in a getting-it-on way.  I mean it in a I’m-tired-of-waiting-up-for-you way.  Take right now, for instance.  It’s midnight.  He’s going to have to get up at six (neither of us ever get enough sleep).  Wildling is going to interrupt his sleep at around 3:00 and possibly at 5:30.  Mellow probably won’t wake him up, but she will wake me.  I’m exhausted.  I want to go to sleep.  I have been waiting for him since 10:30.  I guarantee if I ask him right now, he’ll say he’s just been waiting for me.

Nevermind that, I just asked and he is finishing up some actual work-related work on his laptop.

But usually, this is what happens.  I wait up for him, meanwhile, he thinks he’s waiting for me, and neither of us bother to tell the other that it is bedtime.  And no, we can’t go separately.  I would love to, but we co-sleep with Mellow, and most nights, including right now, I am stuck in the living room pinned underneath her.  I can’t go to bed until Will holds her so I can do things like brush my teeth.  And note: it is extremely awkward to type with a sleeping baby on my lap.  Her body is between me and the computer, her head and arm are on top of my right arm, and she occasionally moves her arm to hit keys.

We’ve tried setting a specific bedtime.  For awhile (like a week) we had a goal of being in bed by eleven every night.  Unfortunately, Mellow missed the memo on that one, and that may have been in her stay-awake-from-eleven-to-two phase.  Someday we’ll sleep again, and it will be glorious.  I look forward to the day nine months from now when we transition Mellow and Wildling into bunkbeds in their own room.  Wildling has already claimed the top bunk and requested a bed with a slide.  She can have whatever she wants if it means we get to sleep.


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