Lost Post

I just spent quite awhile working on a post for today’s writing prompt. I wrote and edited and had something I kind of liked.  Then I hit the post button.  Afterward, I went to the post itself so I could copy the html address to the class commons.  And there was nothing but a blank post.  The subject line was there, but that was it.  Nothing. My work, gone.

I’m not going to try to recreated it.  Will needs to get actual work done tonight, work that he gets paid for, and he can’t do that while chasing Mellow around (because she won’t sleep until later).  So I can’t just hog the computer all night, especially for something that doesn’t pay the bills.

So I’m doing my usual five minute brain purge instead.  I’m disappointed about this, because like I said above, I kind of liked what I wrote.  But at the same time, doing the Writing 101 prompts for the last few days means I haven’t had time to do my usual writing and I kind of miss that.  I know I could do both, but my time (and, let’s face it, my creativity) is limited.

Mellow is crying now, and I’m hoping she’ll fall asleep soon.  I’ve perfected my crochet-while-a-baby-sleeps-on-me technique, and I do have a hat to work on, so I guess that’s what I’ll be doing.



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