Mellow’s mobility requires outlet covers

Mellow has achieved full mobility.  I was going to announce that a couple of weeks ago when she began army crawling every where, but it’s definitely more accurate now – she’s achieved real crawling, and she’s gotten pretty fast.

For a little while, she was experimenting with bear crawling, legs straight, butt up in the air.  But she kept getting stuck in that position – I think she concentrated too much weight on her hands and couldn’t pick one up to move it – and then she would just yell until we rescued her.  

For the past week, she’s been really really crawling, and she’s getting into everything.  This means it’s time to baby-proof again.  We used to have covers on all the outlets, but we got cheap ones, and I find them impossible to take out.  When it got to the point that I was using a knife or screwdriver to pry off the outlet covers (and thus risking jamming the knife or screwdriver into the outlet, which is exactly what those stupid covers should prevent) I removed them.  Wildling was never that interested in the outlets anyway.  Mellow is different – she wants to touch them.  She gets those little fingers out and reaches for the holes, and I get nervous.  I mean, I’m pretty sure her fingers won’t fit, but what happens when she realizes that and decides she wants to be a tool-using monkey and shoves something else in there?

When I was pregnant with Wildling, a friend with grown children asked if I was going to be one of those overprotective moms that child proofs the entire house.  She suggested I not do that, because kids need to learn, and if they get hurt a little, that’s ok, they’ll learn faster.  Then another friend with adult children commented that when her son was much younger, he shoved a knife into an outlet, and now he’s an electrical engineer.  I guess his early experiments benefited him?  

For me, though, I’m too paranoid to not cover the outlets.  I almost electrocuted myself once as a child, when I was trying to plug something in without paying close attention.  I’m still not quite sure how I managed it, but I did see the blue spark that leapt from the wall to my hand and left part of my hand numb for a couple of days.  It’s possible it was a faulty outlet, but if it wasn’t, I’m sure it’s a mistake my kids can repeat, and I’d rather they not do it while they’re this young.



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