Vacation tantrums

Last night of vacation.  Have to say, vacations aren’t the same when you have kids.  In some ways, they just plain suck (and no, I won’t clarify whether suck refers to the kids or the vacation).

This morning, our alarm clock went off at 6:00am.  And by alarm clock, I mean screaming toddler.  Wildling woke up screaming, then she cried hysterically for awhile, then she tried to crawl into our bed in between me and Mellow, who was soundly sleeping through the tantrum.  Why was she screaming? Because she had to pee.  Seriously kid, just go to the damn bathroom, you know where it is. 

Throughout this entire week we’ve had to deal with a lot of toddler tantrums.  Causes of those tantrums: She wanted to ride in the stroller instead of Mellow, and was unable/not allowed to physically remove Mellow herself. She wanted to go to the pool and we said she had to wait.  She saw a dog.  She thought she saw a dog.  She saw a dog across the street.  She saw a dog with a ‘human tongue.’ She was tired of walking. Her legs hurt. Her foot hurt.  There was a pelican.  The pelican ate a fish thirty feet away from us.  Mellow pulled her hair. Mellow pulled her own hair. She thought we said we weren’t going to get ice cream.  She wanted a second ice cream.  Some ice cream dripped on her pants. There was kelp on the beach. The sand was wet.  She was afraid there was more kelp under the sand.

Mellow’s had her fair share of crying fits as well, but none rise to the level of Wildling’s tantrums.  Causes of Mellow’s fits: She was tired. She was hungry. Her diaper was wet.  Someone besides her mama was holding her.  Wildling pinched her. Wildling squeezed her face.  Wildling took her toy away.  Wildling took her food away.  Wildling tried to pull her out of the stroller. Wildling tried to sit on her in the stroller.  

Someday, we are going on a vacation, just Will and I.  We’ll leave the kids at the grandparents’ house, and we’ll just take off.  And we will have a cry-free hysteria-free good time.


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