Why I shouldn’t buy yarn without a pattern in mind

I bought some new yarn before this trip, thinking it would be nice to have a project to work on.  And by bought some new yarn, I mean I went to one LYS (that’s Local Yarn Shop to those of you who don’t use knitting TLAs (and that’s Three Letter Acronyms, which I learned from Will and just wanted to include so I could do a double parenthetical)), bought an expensive skein, and bought something slightly less expensive and fun, and bought one other skein that Wildling picked out.  And then, as if that wasn’t enough, a week later I went to a different LYS and bought more yarn as an impulse purchase, one skein for me, and two for Wildling (I admit, I like making things for her).

Since purchasing all that yarn, I’ve already used the expensive stuff to make myself and Wildling matching cowls (I didn’t originally plan to make hers, I just had enough leftover to do so), and I started Wildling’s new hat.  I’m not doing a pattern for the hat, and I didn’t bother to do a gauge swatch, and plus I was crocheting really tightly (on purpose), and I ended up having to frog most of it three times.  That’s how my knitting/crocheting always goes – I mess around, i don’t bother to check my gauge, and it ends up being the wrong size and I have to start over.  Will mocks me for it, but I assume he is doing so in a good-natured manner, and not because he truly sees how ridiculous it is that after all these years and all these failed projects I still don’t take the time at the beginning to do it right.

I’m super awesome at over-packing for trips, so I brought all of my new yarn, plus my WIP (Work In Progress – Wildling’s new hat).  And here I sit, still without a project idea for the yarn I brought for myself.  I think sometimes I get too caught up in liking the yarn and too afraid that if I make something and don’t like it, then the yarn is wasted.  Like I found a pretty wrap pattern that I am strongly considering making, but then I wonder if maybe it isn’t good enough, or maybe I’ll devote however many hours to it and not like it after all, or maybe I’ll make it and like it but won’t wear it because it doesn’t look right with any of my clothes.  See my dilemma? And see the reason I have too much yarn stashed at home?

Hmmm.  Reading over this makes me think I need to make something for Mellow too.  I have made her two hats, but I always just kind of assume she’ll get the stuff Wildling outgrows.  Now I need to go look at patterns on Ravelry again.


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