Lie for chocolate

Sometimes you have to lie to your kids.  And not share things with them.  We always tell Wildling ‘share with your friend’ or ‘share with your sister’ or ‘isn’t sharing so much fun,’ but I’m not going to pretend we always share with her.

This morning we walked to a cute little bakery in this ocean side tourist town.  We bought five pastries, three of which were assorted chocolate concoctions, the remaining two were cheesecakes.  The nice bakery lady put them in a box and we brought them back to our condo.  Then we took them with us to a friend’s house for dinner.

Our friends have two little girls, and Wildling falls pretty much in the middle of them age-wise.  So the girls were playing together, and had their own kids table at dinner.  After we ate some delicious wild caught Alaskan salmon acquired from a yacht broker (because where else would you get salmon?) the adults stayed at the adult table with adult beverages while the kids (minus Mellow who was sleeping on Will) went off to play.  This, of course, was an opportunity that did not pass us by.  Two of us went into the kitchen, got out the pastries, cut them into four pieces, put them on plates and carried them out past the girls, who remained blissfully unaware.  So we adults got to pig out on pastries and didn’t have to share or fight the children or anything.  It was awesome.

On the way back to the condo, poor Wildling suddenly exclaimed “Oh no! We forgot to eat the chocolates!” and since I’m a good mother, I was totally like “What chocolates?”  Of course that didn’t fool her and she reminded me that we had taken pastries to our friends’ house, and we were supposed to have dessert.  And so I lied.  “Oh, that wasn’t dessert, that was a gift.  We were just taking them a gift.” Yeah, that’s right, I will lie to my kid if it means more dessert for me.



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