Making family friends

As a grownup with kids, how does one go about making new friends? How do you convince people to be your friend? I ask this because I was internet stalking the mom of one of Wildling’s classmates, and I want to be her friend, and I want to be her husband’s friend, and I want us to all hang out.  Will would like them, I would like them, and I already know Wildling loves their daughter.  I need to set up a playdate, and then somehow convert them into our new best friends.  I don’t really have a good strategy for this yet.

It can be awkward trying to make friends with other moms.  We have a usual Monday playdate with a mom I like, and we have a usual Friday playdate with another mom I like (in a strange coincidence, both of those moms/families are out of the country right now and have been for a couple of weeks, so we’ve been missing out on our usual social time).  But we aren’t friends with the dads.  And I get the impression that those particular dads aren’t really all that involved in their children’s lives, so they probably aren’t interested in socializing as a family anyway.  Here’s why I don’t think the dads are all that involved:  Once I babysat for the Monday mom’s child so she could go to a doctor’s appointment, because she had no one else to watch the child – and it turned out the dad was at home playing video games the whole time.  As for the Friday mom, I think her husband isn’t all that involved because once she asked me who I got to babysit the kids on Saturdays when I work, and was shocked that Will did it.  Of course Will does it, though it isn’t babysitting since they’re his children.  

So, anyway, not really a good match for family friendship.  There are other dads that we like, but the moms are crazy people (I’m sure some stories will crop up here).  We do have another set of friends who have a baby Mellow’s age (well, four days older, but who keeps track?), but it seems like they are always out of town.  

It’s hard to make friends with someone when you have to not only like their entire family, but also convince them to like yours.  


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