Headcold impairs writing this post

Time to complain: I hate having colds.  My head is super congested, my throat hurts.  I just want to lay down by myself and maybe eat some ice cream.  But I can’t have ice cream (because of our current whole foods plant based diet experiment), and I can’t lay down by myself because of the kids.  Will tried to let me take a nap this afternoon, but Wildling escaped him a couple of times.  She’s pretty damn fast, and pretty damned determined.  If Wildling wants something, she’ll probably figure out how to get it.

This cold originated with someone at Wildling’s school.  She’s in school (technically daycare, but we call it school) three days a week.  It’s great for her socialization.  I love seeing her interacting with other kids, and her teachers think she’s amazing.  But schools/daycares are germ factories. There’s always some snotty little kid there sharing their germs with everybody.  And Wildling, of course, brings those germs home to share with us.  Mellow had five colds in her first five months, and they all came from Wildling’s school.  I guess it’s good to get some of those colds out of the way now, so that when Mellow starts school herself she’ll already have antibodies to some of the more common viruses, but I hate the misery that accompanies them now (did I mention that Mellow has the same cold I do right now?).

I don’t know if this has been five minutes worth of writing or not.  I think I’m going pretty slowly since I can’t think clearly.  



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