Wildling + ink

When I went to pick up Wildling from school today, her legs and arms were covered in ink.  She was using one of those dot markers (actually, I don’t know if it’s ink or paint), and she expanded off the paper to cover herself.  “Look mama! I dotted my legs!” she proudly announced.  Her teacher looked kind of embarrassed and explained that she had told Wildling to keep it on the paper, but . . . we all know what Wildling does when told not to do something.  I assured her it was fine, that Wildling always paints and draws on herself.  The teachers always seem relieved that I don’t get angry at whatever strange thing Wildling got involved in at school.  But I really don’t mind.

It’s funny though.  It reminded me of her second birthday party.  About a half hour before the party, Wildling started drawing on herself with a marker.  My mother, who was in town visiting, told me about it, but didn’t do anything to stop her.  I was kind of busy (we were having a pretty big party for both Wildling and another two year old terror).  I didn’t have the time or hands free to stop her, plus she always draws on herself, and really, it was just ink, no big deal.  So I said it was fine, she always did that, and went back to party prep. A few minutes later, I discovered that in addition to the usual scribbles on her legs, Wildling had given herself a lovely black mustache and beard.  So, since my hands were full, I asked my mother to please wash the marker off my kid’s face.  No joke, she seriously stepped back, put her hands behind her back, and told me “Nana doesn’t take stuff away.”  Let me clarifiy in case you are confused.  No, this wasn’t Wildling talking.  This was my mother, refusing to wash black marker off my kid’s face, because Nana doesn’t take stuff away.  Take what away? The ink?  I was more than a little annoyed.  I believe I said something along the lines of ‘Are you f*cking kidding me?” and she repeated that I let Wildling draw on herself, and Nana wasn’t going to take that away.  I don’t know if I replied using my outside voice or just said it in my head, but my response was a string of swears and the word ridiculous.  And then I gritted my teeth, smiled the smile I always use when my mother is being ridiculous (and believe me, I bring it out a lot) and asked my mother-in-law for help.  Apparently, Gran does take stuff away, because she carried Wildling out of the room and brought her back, mustache-free.  

The point of that story? Nothing really.  Just that Wildling likes to draw on herself, and it always washes off, except when Nana is involved.  

Also, yay! Five minutes of writing.  I’m on a roll. 





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