Nothing of interest here

I’m sitting at the computer, knowing I have five minutes to write (five minutes in which I get to write), and I’m drawing a blank already.  Less than a week into my five minutes a day project, and I’m out of ideas?  No, not out of ideas, just uninspired. I don’t handle clutter very well, and from where I’m sitting, that’s all I see.  It’s hard to keep this house clean.  Part of that is because we have a minor remodeling project going on, part of it is because we just don’t have places to put all our crap (and believe me, we try to get rid of a lot of it), and part of it is because we don’t have time to clean.  Mellow wants to be held a lot lately thanks to a new tooth and slight cold making her cranky and needy, and Wildling prefers making a mess to cleaning one up. I try to de-clutter by purging stuff as often as possible.  One technique that helps is always having a donation pile, so that every time you want to get rid of something you can immediately move it on it’s way out.  Our pile is on the floor of the pantry.  We just took a bunch of stuff last week, mostly kitchen things and a giant bag of stuffed animals.  Wildling has too many stuffed animals, and people (by people, I of course mean her her grandparents) keep buying them for her.  Will and I gathered a bag to get rid of, and then I had Wildling sort through the rest with me.  I was surprised by some of her choices, both staying and going.  But whatever, she’s learning about de-cluttering and minimizing, and helping those less fortunate.  I should probably find a new place to donate though – we take everything to the thrift store by our house, and that’s also where we shop.  One of these days she’s going to recognize a bunch of her stuff there and want to buy it back. We seem to end up with a lot of garbage around too.  From where I’m sitting I see two lozenge wrappers (both Will’s), two empty packets of gummy bunnies (one of the only processed foods we buy) and an empty sunscreen bottle.  Since I can see those all right now, and my five minutes are up, and I’m asking myself just how lazy am I to not pick that garbage up, I’m going to go take care of it now.


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