Am I really that lazy?

I have a tool I developed awhile ago to make myself accomplish more of the little day to day tasks.  When I’m about to avoid doing something, I just ask myself ‘Am I really that lazy?’  For example, just two minutes ago, I used some ingredients from the pantry.  They were on the counter.  I was about to walk over and sit down at the computer (taking advantage of the kids’ bathtime with Will to get my five minutes in today), and even though I had to walk past the open pantry door to get here, I almost left them on the counter.  And then I inwardly sighed and asked myself “Really? Am I really so lazy I can’t deposit these two items in the pantry as I walk past it?”

I started using this technique several months ago.  I was reading a book, I can’t remember which one or I would cite it here, and the author mentioned that one simple daily action would prolong people’s life expectancy and reduce the risk of heart disease.  The author went on to say that even when people were educated about this, they still chose the lazy path and did not perform this simple action. The action? Flossing teeth.  And that got me thinking.  I rarely flossed my teeth.  It was something I only did if I felt like there was food stuck in there.  Yet if flossing could increase my life expectancy and reduce my risk of heart disease, wasn’t it worth it? Of course.  So I asked myself if I was really that lazy that I couldn’t take two minutes out of every day to floss.  That was back in November.  I have flossed my teeth everyday since then.  And when it comes to other things, I’ve started asking myself if I was really that lazy.  It’s made a difference.  Am I really too lazy to hang up an outfit I tried on but changed my mind about wearing?  Am I really too lazy to put my shoes away? Am I really too lazy to hang my purse up on the hook we installed for just that purpose?

No, I’m not too lazy.  And I’m not too lazy to spend five minutes writing about it either.




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