5 Minutes a day

My goal is to write for five minutes a day.  Why? I don’t know.  I think it helps my creative energy.  Plus, it makes me feel like I accomplish something.  And five minutes isn’t very much.  I waste a lot more time than that reading some really dumb websites.  Of course, my five minute post will be shorter than anybody else’s five minute post, because I type kind of slowly.  That’s what happens when you graduate high school before typing classes are mandatory (are they mandatory? I guess I kind of assume they are.).

This will probably end up one of those blogs that the writer starts all gung ho and writes everyday (for 5 minutes, as intended), and then kind of stops.

I am working slowly on making life changes.  I’ve now done zumba for two days in a row.  That’s kind of a record.  Not a real zumba class – I used a game on the Xbox kinect.  We’ve had the kinect forever, and don’t get a lot of use out of it, and the zumba game was a gift.  I’d love to take a class sometime, but I’m too frugal to pay for it (notice I said frugal, not cheap).

Baby Mellow has developed an army crawl.  I don’t think anything will be safe ever again.  Nothing has been safe in our house since Wildling learned to walk.  Not crawl, not my Wildling.  She took her first steps at nine months, started running at ten months and never ever stopped.

And that was five minutes.  So I did accomplish something creative today.




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